I am probably the worst friend ever huh? I tried to be there for them like how they are to me, but the moment they told me to leave them alone, that’s what I did. But when I told them to leave me alone, they still stay around. It makes me sad to hear from you that “I won’t stay around” and that “I never stayed for you.” And it makes me question myself what kind of friend I am to you. It makes me sad because I woke up at 3 in the morning to come find you and was told by you to leave. Then hearing that I do not care enough for you and that I never been there for you makes me really sad. If this is some kind of test to you to see how much I care then I guess I failed. I tried to be that good friend that people can count on no matter what happen like how some are to me, but instead I’m just being pushed away.